Musta Mind @ #Jammin2013

Feb/2013 by Jammin' n Ting Music & Arts Festival

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Matla’selo Mohapeloa, alias Musta Mind is a lyricist, emcee, poet, graphic artist, and owner of M I M productions (Pty) Ltd or Must I Mind productions (Pty) Ltd, from Maseru, Lesotho.

He fell in love with the hip-hop culture and wrote his first rhyme at a tender age of just 13, after being challenged to perform “Dear Mama” by Tu Pac Shakur at a parents evening school concert with three other friends in Free State, South-Africa.

His hunger and drive to participate at a deeper level in the culture grew with time, as he began to explore the different dynamics of hip-hop; he realized his passion.

In 2002, he transferred to a high school in Mpumalanga where he later realized that none of his fellow students had any interest for hip-hop whatsoever, so he did a bit of ground work.

He taught kids how to beat box, emcee, and write, and within a year everyone started to take notice and appreciate.

In 2004, he left for college; still in the high veld, he finally met emcees that could challenge his skills and therefore aid in his growth as an artist; he attended cipher sessions with the likes of Inspectha Gadget, Pava Guns, Bullet Proof, Phat Skills, Cordel, Levi, Atoms et al.

After completing his studies he went back to Lesotho.

Due to immigration issues he could not go back to South Africa so he had to once again start everything from scratch, he started to mobilize the youth of his home town Butha-Buthe and eventually started a three person crew called “Gods Army”, but they later broke up due to their different life commitments.

He had a deep desire to hit the studio release an album, and get respect amongst his peers, but local beat makers were scarce so his project was put on hold.

It took him moving to Maseru to realize his projects materialize and his legacy begin.

Then finally in 2012 Musta Mind released a mixtape titled Crabz In A Can which is available for free streaming on these sites (courtesy of Must I Mind productions):

(+266) 59731703

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