Vulkan Cydeburner @ #Jammin2013

Feb/2013 by Jammin' n Ting Music & Arts Festival

Vulkan CydeburnerMicr.Pluto is a Cape Town and Joburg based prolific music producer and DJ who frequently delves into vocal recordings as a rapper (Vulkan Cydeburner).

He experiments with a variety of production techniques, genres and sounds. With a distinct and mature sonic palette, the foundation of his arrangements are drawn from a range of eclectic acoustic samples fused with synthesizers, breaks and other electronic devices and sounds. Finished productions from Micr.pluto vary from informally arranged, eerie broken beats, to more symphonic instrumentals, modern funk and electronica.

As a DJ he plays a medley of classic, boogie, euro pop & modern funk mixed with a collection of his finest works and other instrumental producers alike.
He works toward constantly innovating and deconstructing the formality attached to creating art and totally exploring sound to it’s utmost.

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