Mpho Zetina Mosia at #Jammin2014

Mar/2014 by Jammin' n Ting Music & Arts Festival

21 year old Zetina Mosia is one of the most original young vocalists to come out of SA in recent years… Emerging from the NSA formally trained in Jazz and classical music, she is quickly carving a place for herself on the local music scene.

Unafraid to experiment with everything from jazz and hip-hop to drum&bass and dub, her sound is one that is richly textured, fusing the recognizable rhythms of hiphop with live instruments and the digital tools of the present era. Her voice seamlessly travels between the nostalgic worlds of Ella and Nina Simone, lamenting over broken hearts and social injustices, to tales of Joburg nightlife and love in a digital world. Her lyrics, often abstract at first, slowly unfold to reveal layers of meaning and emotion, exposing the heart and soul of this young woman who looks at the world, and her music , from a slightly different perspective

She has performed extensively in and around joburg, on several occasions opening for hiphop genius/savant Hymphatic Thabs. sometimes standing alone in front of the mic, sometimes with her electronic band and long time musical collaborator Tshepo Tsotetsi on clarinet. In late 2009 she began working on her debut album at Iapetus, with sampletologist Kanif at the helms, she has slowly crafted an album that takes the listener on a full circle of emotions. Aptly titled ‘The RoundAbout’ , it takes place in the world of Zetina, where the soul is sometimes to shy to enter, in a place we know exists but hesitate to go in order to protect ourselves.. where love is purer, the colors brighter, and the world a more beautiful place.

Featuring various live instruments over the smoky breakbeats and warm bass filled soundscapes of Kanif, the album journeys through tales of love, hate, youth and the end of the universe.


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