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At Easter 2010 the residents of Naledi Village organized and held their first music festival given the name Jammin’n’Ting. The name referrers to lyrics in a classic reggae tune by the old school duet Althea & Donna simply representing being out and having a good time.

The residents of Naledi have on their back, many years of experience working in festivals. Their landowners at Rustlers Valley pioneered the festival scene in South Africa organizing festivals for over two decades getting thousands of guests, from all corners of the world. The people of Naledi along with Rustlers leaders were the backbone of the hard work behind the festivals and the running of Rustlers Valley guest lodge.

Sadly the infrastructure at Rustlers Valley burned down in 2007 leaving the residents without work and income. But as we all know, when one door closes another one opens. Using their skills and knowledge the people of Naledi are working hard to create a living for them selves. With the amazing location of the village in a valley surrounded by the sandstone mountains and spectacular reputation of Rustlers festivals the first steps have been taken towards creating an event that can focus on African heritage, while giving the people of Naledi the opportunity to use and develop their skills to improve their standards of living.

Having been involved with the Rustlers music scene since 1993 Manello Funkikora has been developing a vision, for artist in Africa to have a place, a haven, where they can meet on mutual grounds to talk opportunities, connect and enjoy each other’s art and vision while supporting development in the rural villages of South Africa.

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